Hiking at Ba Vi national park

Hiking in National park

Ba Vi national park is a Vietname’s renowned place for hiking, offering breathtaking trails, impressive scenery, spectacular peak, atmospheric backdrop of cloud and rich biological interest.  If you are kind of person who think no better way than by conquering yourself on mountain, Ba Vi national park will right up your alley.

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Ba Vi National park
Ba Vi National park

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Ba Vi national park comprises 3 mountains: Dinh Vua mountain (the highest one at 1,296m), Tan Vien mountain (1,226m), Ngoc Hoa mountain (the smallest one at 1,131m). Hikers and tourists alike usually make a walk to the peak of Tan Vien mountain.  Ba Vi National Park has always been an excellent source of medicinal plants for the Dao ethnic group. Walking and hiking gives you great opportunities to see lush tropical foliage with plenty of forest trails and mountain slopes. In addition there is also a bird garden and an orchid garden, although the main attraction is the temple.

Ba Vi National park
Ba Vi National park

There is also a spa nested on the foot of mountain offering spa therapists and herb bath in fresh cool air and soothing music sound.

Hiking guide

On the peak, the temperature falls plus foggy is spreading so make sure you bring hiking shoes, a hat and warm clothes. Aside from hiking gears, Mosquito relief is must-have item to bring with.