Langkawi Elephant Adventures


Langkawi is a great place for enjoying elephant adventure. The establishment also serves as a sanctuary for the giant mammals, where you can meet Lasah, Langkawi’s resident elephant that has been featured on several local TV series and Hollywood movies – the most notable one is the 1999 blockbuster Anna & the King.

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What the tour offers?

Priced between RM210 and RM385, Langkawi Elephant Adventures offers trails of varying time durations and locales that are inclusive of an English-speaking guide, lunch or coffee, T-shirts, and souvenirs for two riders. A feed basket is also provided for the elephant after visitors have completed the tour. Unlike most elephant rides in other Southeast Asian regions, a wicker basket that carries only two people at a time is fitted on a carpeted elephant’s back to ensure its comfort.

Langkawi Elephant Adventures


A great way to explore some of Gunung Mat Cincang and Telaja Tujuh Waterfalls, the River Trail is the longest trail offered by Langkawi Elephant Adventures. Priced at RM385 (with meals and coffee) and RM310 (with coffee), each session takes around 20 minutes, where visitors can explore the deep rainforest while resting comfortably on Lasah. After returning to the main station, a meal or coffee, tee-shirts, and souvenirs are provided as a token of remembrance to your experience.

Langkawi Elephant Adventures

If you’re short on time but looking to experience an elephant ride, a good option is the Garden Trail which is priced at RM310 (with meals and coffee) and RM210 (with coffee). This five-minute excursion takes visitors through Langkawi Elephant Adventures’ canopy-covered forest that houses over 1000 plant species followed by an elephant-feeding session.